Rapid Reset

Imagine you could turn up to your job with optimism and confidence.  Imagine you could be the person who shows up for other people without the drag, guilt or exhaustion.  What if I gave you the keys to be confident that your stress would not compromise your health.


Think of how much more energy, optimism and joy you could have in all area of your life. That you could make more space for what matters because you let go of the things that do not help you feel recharged. Think how much more people you could help in more effective, efficient and energetic ways.

Get me a Rapid Reset

You do not have to leave home

You need to do this. To have more time in your day, have more energy for your loved ones, or even gain more energy and expansion in your day.

It has been to difficult to take that step.

It would take more time and effort than you have to give. If you have to take leave to go on a holiday. Find some monastic retreat. 

With this Rapid Reset, you will not have to leave home. All it takes is 15 minutes a day.

Customised and personalised

Typically, you waste time and resources without shifting the actual reasons why you are burning out.

Fortunately, there is a way to have a personalised and customised approach that is just right for you.

With Rapid Reset you can take a walk around the recharge, revitalise and refuel practices that are vital to stay on top of your energy game making recharging easy and repeatable. You get a range of experiences to test out for what works for you in 6 key areas. With Rapid Reset you get an actual immediate reset that helps you feel like you have effective control over your exhaustion.

It works!

Because I use it, and I have built a practice of Psychologists who use it with hundreds of clients.  With my very own lived, practiced and rehearsed method, you will get:

  • 6 tried and true methods to beat exhaustion
  • Several activities I myself use and have used to help all my clients
  • A quick boost to your well being without requiring 6 consultations with a coach
  • A quick "pick me up" to give you confidence that you can do this
  • Repeatable practices you take with you for all time

It's like having your own burnout booster in your pocket.

Minus the time and money needed going down countless relax and retreat gimmicks.


"I've just completed Valerie's 'Rapid Reset' program, and have so appreciated her wisdom and support in managing burnout. I now have some essential tools in my toolkit, for self-care, so I can continue to help others! Thanks Valerie! "

Phoebe Rogers

Rapid Reset

For a fraction of one session with a psychologist, counsellor or therapist. The material is yours for life. To use as many times as you need.

Rapid Reset me for $99